Artwork CD

Do you own your own artwork?

You know as well as I do that anyone who runs a successful business, already knows you must think ahead and solve issues before they turn to problems.

There are times when you need your logo for business cards, signs, website or even golf balls...

The problem is when you change vendors from a web designer to screen printers; they will need the correct artwork format to complete your project. When they don't have the correct files, you will have to pay extra to have it converted.

Having your own artwork CD is one product your company must have.

You will have all of your logo formats in one handy place.

Formats Included:    .pdf             .psd
  .ai .bmp
  .eps .tiff
  .cdr .dxf
  .jpg .png

Also included is the colour specifications needed by whom you will employ for your graphic needs.

When it comes to your company....

Saving time and money is one great buy product now... and in the future.